January 30, 2009

I want to see ZOMBIE GIRL

Jay C’s review from Slamdance of Zombie Girl has me incredibly intrigued to see this documentary by Aaron Marshall, Justin Johnson, Erik Mauck.

Zombie Girl is a documentary about the making of a feature-length zombie horror film by independent film writer and director Emily Hagins in 2004. The hook?

Emily was 12.

According to the press notes for Zombie Girl, Emily was inspired at a young age by Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Rings and wrote to him. Jackson wrote back, putting her into contact with Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News fame, who – as a local of Austin, Texas – opened doors for her in the local film community. By age 11, she had produced a number of shorts, worked on a variety of local productions, and had written a full-length script for a zombie film called Pathogen.

The Zombie Girl documentary is the chronicling of her attempt to turn Pathogen into a feature-length film with the help of her mother, family, and friends. The film apparently follows Emily as she comes of age up while overcoming obstacles and making every mistake in the book.

Zombie Girl sounds like a unique documentary, and I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD or to screen in the Toronto area (should such a thing happen).

For the curious, Hagin’s film, Pathogen was completed, and you can read more about it or order a copy of Pathogen from the film’s website: http://www.cheesynuggets.com/pathogen.html. She’s reportedly finishing post-production on her second film, The Retelling

Trailers for both Zombie Girl, Pathogen, and The Retelling after the jump.

Zombie Girl Trailer:

Pathogen Trailer:

The Retelling Trailer:

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