February 21, 2009

King of Beers, meet the Zombie of Wines

Les Raisins de la mort (The Grapes of Death) is a 1978 film about a vineyard whose grapes and wine turn people into zombies as a result of an odd pesticide sprayed on the grapes. While the connection between zombies and wine had for the longest time remained soley with this film*, Redheads Studio in Southern Australia gives us a new reason to think of "undead" as a vintage.

Calling it "Return of the Living Red," Redheads Studio and Mash design have teamed up to release a top end fine wine with a zombie packaging theme:

This was a complex fine wine with no listed age; a mysterious and intriguing wine. To compliment this the nature of the product, Mash developed a concept to create a small pack containing missing and/or suppressed crime files implying the existence of the living dead in and around the vineyards. With use of disturbing illustrations and
fascinating old photos on a toothy uncoated paper the concept was bought to life. A slip knot with old twine and a deep red wax dipped bottle went with the old crime file
folder to create one of our favorite wine packaging pieces
[via Dread Central]

*I forgot about 1989's The Vineyard. Then again, it is a forgettable movie.