March 3, 2009

John Harrison Talks . . . OF THE DEAD Score [Fangoria]

Chris Alexander at Fangoria has posted an exclusive interview with John Harrison, composer of Day of the Dead (1985) and George A. Romero's upcoming ... OF THE DEAD.

An excerpt:

What can you tell me about your score for George’s new movie?

Well to be frank, I’ve been struggling with the theme a bit. My approach is always to do something counterintuitive, which is why the DAY score must have flipped some people out. I don’t want to write a score for …OF THE DEAD by starting off with ominous horror movie music, atonal , even pseudo-industrial sounds that are cliché in horror films today. To do that would deliver what everybody expects…this is not that kind of movie. This is something entirely different.
[via Chris Alexander's Blood Splattered Blog]

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