March 28, 2009

Odds 'N Ends (Extended Edition)

A DOUBLE SIZED round up of zombie-related news hitting the web


  • The good people at the North American Zombie Defense Service have parsed text from the Bible that may hint at prophecies of a zombie uprising. Evidence of Christian belief in the resurrection of the body, or proof of a forthcoming zombie menace? Insert Zombie Jesus joke here.
  • RETURN OF THE ZOMBIE ROAD SIGNS! After several months of no activity, road signs are once again warning of zombies. This time, the slackjaws have reached the Quakertown area of Philadelphia, PA. Philly may be the city of brotherly love, but the The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has no love for citizens tampering with roadsigns. [via NBC2 News]
  • BEST BUY ZOMBIES A HIT: Perhaps there are "zombies ahead" in PA because they were working at the Stroudsburg, PA Best Buy that turned it's store into a zombie-themed haunted house for the launch of Resident Evil 5. Kotaku is reporting that the launch event was a hit, attracting over 400 people! Presumably all but their credit cards made it out alive.
  • In other videogame news, developers of CAPCOM's upcoming Dead Rising 2 are setting high expectations for the sequel to the popular (but frustrating) Dead Rising. It is being suggested that Dead Rising 2 will render the greatest number of characters ever seen in a videogame at one time. At least, according to a product manager for the software used to create the game, they are "preparing to have as many as 6000 characters on the screen." [via Kotaku Australia]
  • Trailers are now online for Call of Duty's zombie map-pack downloads. [ via Dread Central]
  • Ending our news on videogames, has created a series of real-life Left 4 Dead cosplay photographs featuring models who are spitting images of the digital survivors in Valve's successful co-op zombie shooter. [full set via Pixelated Geek]
"All the world's a plague, and the men and women merely zombies."
  • In movie news, Ryan Rotten has the lowdown on upcoming zombie pictures from Paramount, such as the start of pre-production on World War Z and Paramount's interest in releasing an adaptation of Dark Horse Comic Damn Nation. [via Shock Till You Drop]
  • Shifting focus from cinema to the stage, we recommend reading Samuel Zimmerman's interview with Bill Connington, the writer and star of the one-man play Zombie. In Zombie, adapted from the novella by Joyce Carol Oates, Connington plays a pedophilic serial killer obsessed with with enslaving a victim and brainwashing his victim into a zombified state. [via FANGORIA]