April 6, 2009

12/24 Trailer is a Riot!

Oh, my. We've all seen some BAD zombie movies before, but it has been a long time since I've seen a trailer for a zombie movie that had me laughing until I was crying.

Behold the trailer for Gargoyle Entertainment's 12/24, a festive zombie holiday film starring Tiffany Shepis.Watch and be amazed.

Notable Highlights

  • Mush-mouthed Johns abusing prostitutes:
- "Oh, you're so good." / "Hurmpharamee . . . giffe ourt mah curr nah"
  • Actress walking in the rain randomly replaced with obvious computer animation shot. High-tech!
  • Cheesy zombie rendition of "The Night Before Christmas"
  • Ineffectual zombie pistol whipping
  • Air-compressed blood gushes from every single head shot
  • Junior Reporter gets the scoop: "I have no idea what is going on!"
  • The world's most INAPPROPRIATELY POWERFUL ceiling fan
  • Flannel and Wigs
  • SANTA!!!! NO!!!!!!
According to Gargoyle Entertainment's Myspace page, "Gargoyle Entertainment is on the verge of greatness. With the ideas, talent, and passion to make the highest quality films possible, Gargoyle Entertainment has nowhere to go but up."

Well, I guess it couldn't get any worse.

One thing's for sure, although the film makers behind 12/24 probably didn't intend this, I am going to buy this movie for the sheer pleasure the trailer gave me. Hopefully they didn't put all of the best (i.e. the worst) stuff in the trailer.

God bless us, everyone.