April 10, 2009

Anthony Colliano Strikes Back about 12/24

Anthony Colliano, the director of the upcoming 12/24 (a Christmas-themed zombie flick), e-mailed me with some harsh words in response to my comments on the trailer for 12/24.

Admittedly, I wasn't kind to the trailer of 12/24, but I may have been too harsh on Gargoyle Entertainment as a whole. While I will not deny the trailer for 12/24 made me laugh in a "looks so bad it's good" way, I will admit I too easily took shots at Gargoyle Entertainment. It's easy to forget all the hard work people and volunteers put into an independent production like this. I applaud Colliano's efforts and, although we shared some cross words by e-mail, I think we came to a civil understanding: regardless of my thoughts on the trailer, I respect Colliano's heart and passion. I did not intend to personally attack him. At the same time, I will state my observations if somethings strikes me as worth saying even if my comments may not be the publicity he wants.

Colliano has asked me to hold off on judging the film until it's completed. He assures me that many of the scenes I derided will make sense. Also, he has offered to send The Zed Word a copy of the film when its completed. He says we'll see zombies in an a new way. I genuinely look forward to see what he has to offer, even if the trailer made me laugh.

So, keep 12/24 on your radars, zombie fans. Something tells me that, no matter what, this isn't the last you've heard of 12/24.