April 3, 2009

Big Daddy Mac Snack Wrap!

This month, Canadian McDonald's locations debuted the new Big Mac Snack Wrap. Appropriately, brand new commercials are airing in Canada for the Big Mac Snack Wrap featuring none other than Land of the Dead's Big Daddy himself: actor Eugene Clark.

Through May 18th, McDonald's Canada is testing the Mac Snack Wrap (a normal Big Mac sans bun crammed in a flour tortilla) at over 1, 400 stores. In the commercials, Eugene Clark plays the boss of an office who professes his love for the new product.

Big Daddy has a Big Big Hunger

I think this is highly appropriate. In George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, Clark plays Big Daddy, an unusually self-aware zombie who leads a hungry army of the undead against their human oppressors. Who better than to lead the hungry living masses to accept something as grotesque looking as McDonald's new bunless freak of nature than the man who played a grotesque freak of nature that leads his people to freedom. Freedom from hunger!

Even without stomaches
zombies crave the Snack Wrap