April 14, 2009

Plants vs. Zombies: I can't resist!

On May 5, PopCap Games will release the bizarrely cute game Plants Vs. Zombies.

I wasn't going to post about PvZ until closer to its release because little is known about the game, but I can't wait any longer. PopCap has been dropping viral videos online to promote the game that .... I ..... cannot..... resist ..... posting. They're too funny.

From what I can tell, PvZ looks to be a real-time strategy castle-seige defense game in which you have to plant cute little cartoon plants to keep zombies off your lawn to stop them from entereing your house and eating your brains.

The first ad is a singalong music video for the song "Zombies On Your Lawn"

Second, PopCap has posted some short clips about a Temp Zombie in the office. I really relate to him in "Rise and Shine"

Check out a preview of Plants vs. Zombies at 1Up.com

Do you have zombies on your lawn?