April 21, 2009

REVIEW: She Turned Into a Zombie (The Screamagers)

She Turned Into a Zombie
Artist: The Screamagers
(Centipede Records)

4/5 zedhead

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The Screamagers
are going to bite you in the eye and leave a zombie centipede in your brain pulsating with infectious rhythms.

Last week, I discovered The Screamagers: an indie horror / punk / surf band out of Toronto. I've since became enamored with their catchy brand of Ghoul Rock: a combination of 50’s and 60's influenced tunes inspired by drive-in horror and sci-fi B movies.

One thing is immediately clear, The Screamagers love zombies. Besides zombie songs like “She Turned into a Zombie,” “Back from the Grave,” and “The Undead”, it is obvious that their lyrics are also steeped in the history of the horror genre. This is especially evident in the song “Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee," which pays sincere homage to these two Hammer movie titans in song with lyrics comprised almost entirely out of the titles of Cushing and Lee films like The Creeping Flesh (1973). Unlike other horror bands that fixate on gloom and industrial noise, The Screamagers are fun: they play with the audience and embrace the morbid joy of monster mashing!

With lyricist Greg Shadowcaster lending his deep, crooning vocals to each bone-tapping track, The Screamagers offer songs that would seem right at home accompany scenes of flying saucers descending on beach parties, shambolic skeletons doo-wooping from their crypts, and post-apocalyptic arthropods boogieing down while worlds collide. Their songs feel like reading your first issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland or finding an old 1960s monster model kit in the garage.

Their new (and first) album entitled She Turned Into a Zombie is an independent release from Centipede Records. It offers eight catchy tracks:

1.) She Turned Into a Zombie (1:37)
2.) Back From The Grave (1:37)
3.) Day of the Centipedes (1:14)
4.) Zombie Martians From Outer Space (1:10)
5.) The Undead (0:55)
6.) Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (1:17)
7.) She Turned Into A Werewolf (1:22)
8.) Bride of Frankenstein (1:53)

While the album could benefit from some more lyrical variety (several songs seem to start with lyrics about walking the streets or in the woods), the album is incredibly re-playable because no song exceeds two minutes. While this creates an abbreviated listening experience if playing the album as a whole, I find these songs work best interspersed throughout a shuffled playlist of other music. Regardless, I find myself returning to these songs again and again.

She Turned Into a Zombie is a spunky morsel of ghoulish zombie rock. Check out their Myspace page to listen to sample tracks and learn how to get a copy; or, enter our contest to WIN a free copy of this CD!


May 2nd, 2009: London Music Hall
w/ Outbred Inlaws, The Goddamn Goddamns and the Nasty Rashes.