April 14, 2009


Uncle Creepy of Dread Cental posted some tantilizing news today: George A. Romero is working out a deal with Grand Central Publishing in New York to produce two original novels set in the Dead universe of Romero zombie films.

According to Uncle Creepy:

The debut novel will brings fans exactly what they've been craving as it will feature Romero laying down the ground rules of the zombie epidemic right from the beginning of the end. Looks like we may even get a chance to find out why these things got up and started feasting.

Grand Central is set to publish the first book in the summer of 2010, with a second book to follow sometime after that. Look for more details on the books as soon as we get them.

It's not clear from this article if Romero will be writing the novels or if the writing chores will be farmed out. Either way, paint me FUCKING EXCITED. Anyway we can get more Romero zombie media, the better.

We'll post more info as it becomes available.