April 15, 2009

"Send More Paramedics"

Here's an amusing story from the National Post that gives a different meaning to the line, "Send more paramedics...."

Zombie film production keeps attracting emergency vehicles

“More zombies! More carnage!,” said the Los Angeles production team after wrapping principal shooting on Silent Night, Zombie Night, an upcoming film about a living dead outbreak set in during the Christmas season.

But director Sean Cain says he just couldn’t seem to shoot the additional scenes of zombie mayhem without attracting emergency crews.

“We wrapped out of one location where there were zombies breaking into a car and pulling family members out,” Cain told Fangoria Magazine. “Just in the nick of time, too, because as we were all packed and preparing to leave, a police cruiser drove by with its spotlight on.”

While filming another scene, ambulance and fire trucks were dispatched to a real emergency, then became distracted by a prop police car parked at a weird angle to a house nearby.

“They drove on into production and parked it, thinking it was their destination,” says producer Wes Laurie. “The first thoughts going through their heads when they saw a crazed zombie standing in the yard to greet them must have been priceless."