April 20, 2009

Tarman Action Figure Coming Soon

As much as I am a fan of zombies, I'm a fan of action figures and toy collectibles. Thankfully, my two hobbies often tend to coincide. That's why I'm very excited about the news that Amoktime Toys will be releasing an action figure of Tarman, the most iconic zombie from Return of the Living Dead.

According to the figure's product details

"They're Back from the Grave and Ready to Party" The first ever ROTLD Action Figure! Tarman Zombie features ball jointed neck, Shoulders, Opening Jaw and base with Trioxin cannister and bitten brain! Coming September/October.
Price: $17.99
I own the Day of Dead Bub figure from Amoktime, and I am very happy with it. As it was one of their first original figures, it's not perfect. It shows the company has much potential, however. Amoktime also has a figure coming soon depicting Doctor Tongue, the jawless zombie that appears during the title sequence in Day of the Dead. If both these figures improve on the potential in the Bub figure, Amoktime might just shape up to be a hotspot for zombie figures.

If you like zombie toys, check back soon for a review of Bub from Amoktime as well as other figures from my zombie collection.