May 25, 2009

Moody Reconsidered

Last week, I posted a very negative review of David Moody's zombie novel AUTUMN. I was fairly unimpressed with its incredibly slow place, lack of interesting writing or descriptive detail, and flat characters. With a rating of 1.5 / 5 zedheads, I can't recommend it.

As a result, I have been avoiding the short story "Home." Written by Moody and set in the same fictional world as AUTUMN, the story is included in Permuted Press's The Undead: Zombie Anthology, which I am currently reading. I figured, however, I'd get it over with quickly like ripping off a band aid.

However, I actually LIKED "Home."

I remarked in my review of AUTUMN that the novel felt like one of Moody's early works. AUTUMN is copyright 2002 and "Home" is copyright 2004. If "Home" is any indication, in those two years Moody really improved his pacing, descriptive flair, and eye for character. "Home" is an exciting and disturbing read that is more tense and horrifying in 17 pages than AUTUMN was in its entireity.

Moody's works are still not on my "must-read" list, and given the choice I would probably avoid them, but even if my review of AUTUMN won't change, I encourage others to check out Moody's later work.

What do you think? Any Moody readers out there? Send me an e-mail or post a reply. What do you think about Moody's work ?