May 8, 2009

Odds n' Ends

A round up of zombie-related news hitting the web

Crafty 4 Dead
  • Some zombie-lover's crafty girlfriend crocheted some precious representations of the survivors and infected from Left 4 Dead. Awww, cute. I wonder what the Tank would look like? [via Kotaku]
  • Also, Snack or Die has posted a recipe for some delicious looking Left 4 Dead survivor cookies.

Sony presses play on [REC] US release
  • Looks like the Spanish horror film [REC], from which Quarantine was copied (ahem) adapted, will finally get released in America in July. Paradox released [REC] in Canada at the beginning of the year on a barebones DVD, but now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the movie in the US. The US release will feature both the original Spanish and English-dubbed versions and a [REC]: Making-of featurette. [via Fangoria]
  • In other [REC] news, the official website for it's sequel is now ONLINE
Dead Air screening at NY FangoCon
  • Reports indicate that Dead Air (starring Bill Moseley) will screen at Bill Moseley's Dead Air will have a screening at NY FangoCon's Weekend of Horrors. [via].
Viva La Horde
  • French zombie film La Horde (The Horde) is selling well on the international and European market. Can't wait to see this. [via Bloody-Disgusting]