May 20, 2009

Odds n' Ends

A round up of zombie-related news hitting the web

Make your own Zombie Apocalypse

  • Valve, creators of the highly popular Left 4 Dead game have released and open beta for a kit of PC software development tools that will let fans mod and build levels, create props, import props, and edit lighting. [via Kotaku]
  • Also from Kotaku comes another bit of Left 4 Dead modification. Some brilliant Rock Band 2 player has created a band in the likeness of L4D's four survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Lewis. Watch them perform "Pretend That We're Dead"

Have you heard of Pontypool?

I've posted quite a bit about Pontypool because I really think this movie deserves a wider release. Over the course of the last few weeks, some new Pontypool news has hit the web.

  • First, Edward Douglas has posted a look at the new US one-sheet and an exclusive interview with director Bruce McDonald [via Shock Till You Drop]
  • Second, confirmed news is getting around that a sequel to Pontypool called Pontypool Changes will begin filming as early as 2010 [via Dread Central]. I wonder if they are going for a trilogy in which each title of the films will build up to the title of the book on which they are based: Pontypool Changes Everything.
Here Comes Colin

Colin, an independent feature from the UK, is getting some buzz after playing at Cannes. (if the internet is to be believed).
  • Ray Bennett covers Colin at Cannes, describing a bit about the making of the film. [via The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Based on its presence at Cannes, Colin is starting to get distribution bids from Japanese companies but the filmmakers hope for more interest in the near future. [via The Press Association]
Are Zombies Real?

Sometimes the line between fact and fiction is slippery.
  • "Halley" on Yahoo Answers posted a rambling question about whether or not the zombie apocalypse is real and whether there are more important things than the zombie apocalypse. If she thinks world hunger is more important than the zombie apocalypse, she's already doomed! [original question via Yahoo Answers]
  • Is this the video of a real zombie attack on some poor scared kid? Run kid! There's a ZOMBIE ON YOUR LAWN!

Funny - Funny Videos

Misc News
  • New stills are up from the film ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction. [via Bloody-Disgusting]
  • William Safire uses his "On Language" column to explore the origins of the term "Zombie Bank" that has become so popular in this current economic crisis. [via The New York Times]
  • The film adaptation of David Moody's AUTUMN by Renegade Motion Pictures will be debuted on May 30th at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, SK. Renegade are good people, and they put a lot of hard work into this film. If you are in the area, GO SEE IT! [via Making of Autumn Blog].