May 14, 2009


My mailbox is exploding with zombie news lately, and it all comes from articles trying to locate the focus of the so-called "zombie zeitgeist" in pop culture.

posted "It's the dawn of the zombie zeitgeist" in which he proclaims "[t]he A-list monster mascot of our miserable moment is a slouching corpse". There is also a priceless quote from S.G. Browne, author of Breathers, in which he states, "Vampires are Brad Pitts. Zombies are more like the Steve Buscemis. We can relate." I wonder how Steve feels about that.

And coming in from the other coast, LA Weekly posted two seperate zombie articles. First, Gendy Alimurung offers "This Zombie Moment: Hunting for What Lies Beneath the Undead Zeitgeist" as the magazine's feature story. Second, Scott Foundas's "Birth of a Zombie Nation: The Undead in the Movies" takes the reader through zombie cinema history, from Bela Lugosi to George Romero and beyond.