June 2, 2009

Odds n' Ends

A round up of zombie-related news hitting the web

Video Games
  • When PopCap Games released Plants vs. Zombies last month, it became their best-selling game ever [via Shacknews.com]
  • At E3, attendees not only got to see the trailer for Left 4 Dead 2, but also for Capcom's Dead Rising 2, which is now online:

Movie News

  • Watch the first 10minutes of Jake Wests' Doghouse HERE courtesy of Empire. In Doghouse six friends head off for a weekend in the country after one of them goes through a divorce. Unfortunately, they end up up in a town where all the women have been infected with a virus that has turned them into zombie cannibals. [via Empire]
  • The director of Colin, an independent film from the zombie's point of view, talked with Fangoria about making the film [via Fangoria.com]

Weird News

  • TV zombies rose up in Texas last week, but not to attack. Instead, they wanted to thank legislatures in Texas for passing a bill to make the recycling of old televisions easier. Discarded televisions never die -- they continue to plague the future with their toxic materials in landfills and dumps -- but Texas will legislate mandatory recycling programs. Good for Texas! And good for these zombies ! It is nice to see socially conscious undead out there. [via KBMT News]
  • Zombie preparedness buffs were obviously thrilled last month to learn from the Boston Police Department's twitter feed that the Boston PD will warn citizens of any zombie attacks. But can we trust them to tell us the truth? [via Kombo.com]
  • According to the venerated Weekly World News, nominated Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will have to address a very interesting discrimination suit as one of her first cases -- a suit filed by a zombie claiming he was unjustly denied Social Security benefit! It seems that prejudice against the living impaired has become the last excusable form of prejudice. [via Weekly World News]
  • Can zombies be sexy? Many have pondered this question. I did my own list of the Top Five Sexy Zombies when I started this blog, and it scarred me for life. I09 is giving it a go too, but that way madness lies. [via I09.com]