June 13, 2009

Zombies Ate My Funny-Books

For a while, I was really into comics. For my MA, I studied comic books and wrote a small research project on one of them. Recently, I’ve fallen out of buying and reading as many comics as I used to, but I still keep them close to my heart. And I still keep my eyes on what's happening in the world of zombie comics.

Taking a quick survey of zombie comics, here’s a brief rundown of some interesting developments in the world of sequential undead art.

First, the big news continues to be the inroads being made by Dark Hero Studios to adapt Deadworld for the screen. Reports suggest that David Hayter (Watchmen) will be fleshing out the script for this zombie apocalypse flick with the goal to start shooing in 2010, according to Variety.

In Deadworld, the zombies are not the slackjaw shamblers or mindless fast-running beasts we’ve seen in recent movies. Instead, when the dead return to walk the earth, some return as motorcycling leader zombies with intelligence and joy for their work: eating humans!

I never read Deadworld, but from what I understand the book has had an shifting printing history, which is common for independent books. It was published by Arrow Comics until that company folded, then it went to Caliber Comics. Between 1992 and 2005 the book was not being published, but Image comics released a reboot of the Deadworld series.

In other zombie news, the Marvel Zombies series keeps on going. Part way through its fourth volume, Marvel Zombies is making hay with the parallel dimension premise at the heart of the original to find further ways to exploit the concept.

And finally, there’s a team-up of epic proportions coming out this July: THE GOON vs DETHKLOK

The Goon is a comic by Eric Powell that often features zombies. Dethklok is the fictional metal band from the cartoon series Metalocalypse. Why are they meeting? Who knows. Will it shred your face? You bet. Check out this teaser.

THE GOON vs DETHKLOK by Eric Powell will be out in July from Darkhorse Comics.

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