July 12, 2009

Odds N' Ends

A round up of zombie-related news hitting the web

  • On Saturday, the undead came out for The St. Catherines zombie walk to raise food for the Salvation Army and hopefully eat some hearts and minds at the same time [via. St. Catherines Standard]. And then, zombies walked across the pond to Manchester where they came out in force for the Manchester zombie walk. Many funny photos of the event can be found on James' Blog
  • While we're on the topic of zombies in the UK, it looks like the stunning Erin Richards (host of the Welsh-language teen show Mosgito) might want to change her image and has expressed interest in starring as a zombie. I personally know a zombie or two who would like to nibble on her. [via WalesOnline]
  • And what do thirsty zombie walkers drink when they get home? I don't know, but maybe they could mix up a glass of Tarman Zombie! The Cane Spirit Guide has offered a Return of the Living Dead twist on the classic Zombie drink. The Tarman Zombie celebrates the fan-favorite monster with a dark rum beverage that certainly sounds tasty. If I can get some of the ingredients (or worthy substitutes) I might mix up a class to review on the blog. [via The Cane Spirit Guide]
  • Changing topics to the world of videogames, I am very excited to hear that Plants vs. Zombies will be coming to consoles. My PC, she is how you say a piece of crap, yes? Yes! But if I could get PvZ on my Xbox 360, well that would be a sweet, sweet thang. [via Examiner]