July 17, 2009

ZOMB-ART #7: Jonathan Wojcik

Let me introduce you to one of the most talented monster and creepy-crawler artist on the web who you may not have even heard of.

Jonathan Wojcik
hails from the United States, where he toils away producing some of the funniest, creepiest, and outright BEST creature drawings and cartoons I've ever seen. With a passion for insects and weird biology, he combines his genuine love of weird science with his love of monsters to produce a variety of work, all of which is creepy, drippy, and full of things that squirm, burrow, claw, slither and pulsate.

He manages to create cartoons and drawings that are both funny, cute, and repulsive. Aside from the occasional zombie art, he creates quirky comics about talking organs, has generated a compendium of imaginative and unique monsters known as Mortasheen, and writes, voices and animates an online cartoon called The Fear Hole.

If that were not enough, he also maintains a website called The Insidious Bogleech where you can find his articles, yearly Halloween collecting blog, assorted creepy articles, Cephalopods, an archive of video game creatures and even a collector's guide to rubber bugs. Wojcik can also be found on deviantART under the username Scythemantis.

You've already seen a sample of his work here, and believe me when I tell you that he's got more and better stuff where this came from. If, like me, you love monsters and zombies (and were the kind of kid who collected monster toys, mutants, and bug figures) then you'll love
Wojcik's work and appreciation for the weird and abhorrent.

Go check him out out on deviantART and at Bogleech.com today!