August 29, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Day #1-- Max Fantastic and The Devil's Latex

One of the first booths to attract my attention when I finally arrived at the Fan Expo on Friday, August 28th was the booth for Max Fantastic and The Devil's Latex. Surrounding their booth were several detailed latex masks representing Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. I was attracted by the number of intriguing Jason hockey mask replicas on display, so I borrowed some of their time to talk about their work.
  • [Audio currently unavailable] Download my interview with Max Fantastic and Steve Bellamy from The Devil's Latex (4:49)
Max Fantastic calls himself the Blood King of Toronto and he certainly lives up to his name. He makes masks, but specializes in blood and blood art (seen left).

Partnered with Max Fantastic is Steve Bellamy of The Devil's Latex. Steve specializes in latex monster and slasher villain masks as well as reproduction Friday the 13th hockey masks that painstakingly and lovingly capture the unique look of each iconic mask from the films

Here I am modeling my favorite mask: The Devil's Latex's "Dream Sequence" mask

A face only a slap shot could love