August 29, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Day #2-- Bruce Campbell Q and A

Only Bruce Campbell can abuse his audience with insult humour and still manage to be charming enough to pack a large convention hall full of fans who waited in line more  than an hour and a half to see him.

  • [Audio currently unavailable] Download the full audio of the hilarious Bruce Campbell Q and A from Fan Expo 2009 (57:20)

 While I saw a lot and did / produced a lot of interviews today (all of which I will post soon), the ultimate moment of the afternoon was the Festival of Fear's Q and A with Bruce Campbell.

Bruce Campbell riffs for almost an hour off a bevy of random audience questions -- some funny, some stupid, and some just plain weird -- while taking shots at Hollywood and his worst movies (Congo gets torn a new one). He even manages to make me look the fool by dancing around my question about the viral marketing campaign for White on Rice.

Audio can be downloaded from link above. I managed to capture most of the audience questions too, if you listen closely. The only thing you won't get is some of the visual humour.

It's the next best thing to being there!