August 30, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Day #2-- Interview with Carlos Henriques (The Butcher Shop and the Hamilton Horror Show)

As a member of Horror in the Hammer, I am always eager to meet Hamiltonians working in the movie or art fields and are creating and promoting horror events in this city. That's why it was entirely my pleasure to meet Carlos Henriques, a special effects makeup artist born and raised in Hamilton. Carlos belongs to The Butcher Shop, which sells professionally crafted horror masks, props, busts, and body parts. Carlos has also worked on films such as Silent but Deadly, Left for Dead, Resident Evil 2, Bottom Feeder, Vs. The Dead and the upcoming Resident Evil 4. He's parlaying his talents into creating a brand new haunted attraction in Hamilton for this Halloween season. I met up with Carlos at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear and he took time off from selling brains so I could pick his about the development of his upcoming Hamilton Horror Show.

Zed Word: Carlos, is the work you do with The Butcher Shop your main job or something you do on the side? 

Carlos Henriques: It's something I do on the side but I incorporate it into my regular life also because I am a special effects makeup artist in feature films and things like that also.

ZW: You have a very intriguing event coming up in Hamilton called the Horror Show. Can you tell my readers a bit more about that?

CH: Yeah, it's going to be Hamilton's scariest haunted house, actually. It's going to be based on top of the Corktown pub, a very famous location there in Hamilton, and it's going to be a wild ride. It's going to be pretty scary. We're trying to shoot for the last three weekends of October, and it's going to lead up to a big Halloween bash on the Saturday.

An example of The Butcher Shop's wares. Note the Fight Club Soap

 ZW: So why are you creating the Horror Show in Hamilton?

CH: Well, growing up in Hamilton, I've just noticed that there aren't many horror-based places to go to, whether it be like a haunted house or just products, things like special effects supplies, all those things are lacking in Hamilton and just trying to find things I generally travel to Toronto to find them. And I just think that Hamilton is big enough where we could support something like that, so I'm thinking maybe a haunted house is the way to go. I've worked with a couple of guys like Chris Harrison and Phil Pattison working on horror films there in Hamilton and we're just trying to get Hamilton to become more of a horror-based place, I guess, something a little bit closer to Toronto. 

Brains, guts, and limbs are always fresh at The Butcher Shop

So look out for the Hamilton Horror Show at the Corktown pub in October. For more information, contact Carlos Henriques at