August 28, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Fan Expo Begins / Tom Savini Cancels

Stormtroopers. Zombies. Superheroes. Klingons. Cat girls. All are irresistably drawn to the geek magnet that is Hobbystar's FAN EXPO CANADA

All under one roof (the massive roof of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre) the Fan Expo offers five separate genre conventions -- comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming -- that blend together seamlessly on the convention floor into Canada's biggest fan event. It's a playpen for every genre fan imaginable. Admission grants you access to all five genre-themed expos while each expo has its own schedule of activities and events.

Within this smorgasbord of fan-culture, the horror expo is unique. Called the Festival of Fear, it is sponsored by Rue Morgue magazine. This year, Bruce Campbell will be appearing as guest of honour, joining other fantastic horror-genre guests such as Max Brooks, Roger Corman, Barbara Steele, Udo Kier, Kim Paffenroth and several cast members of the movies Laid to Rest and Stan Helsing. Unfortunately, although scheduled to appear, Tom Savini has CANCELLED his appearance at the last moment. I was really looking forward to seeing him speak and asking him questions about is involvement in the mysterious new nazi zombie film The Fourth Reich.

The Festival of Fear is the event to which I most look forward each summer (besides TFCon, but that's a different pop-culture obsession of mine). I missed 2008's Festival of Fear, but I did attended in 2007 and got to fulfill a life goal of mine: meeting George A. Romero and having him sign my copy of Day of the Dead

 Meeting George Romero more than made up for later seeing Diary of the Dead

This year I'll be covering all three days of Fan Expo Canada right here on THE ZED WORD zombie blog as well as producing written and video content for Horror in the Hammer. You can expect daily updates and reports as well as posts concerning any news I happen to snag. 

Internet connectivity and WI-FI permitting, I may also be able to bring you LIVE coverage of event from the floor and the various panels I attend.

So peel those eyes and keep them glued on THE ZED WORD all weekend for my coverage of THE FESTIVAL of FEAR and FAN EXPO CANADA!