August 6, 2009

FearWerx Contest @ Zombies and Toys

Zombies and Toys has another fantastic contest this month, but this time the contest is sponsored by FEARWERX.

One grand prize winner will receive a set of Mego-style Night of the Living Dead toys of Duane Jones as "Ben" and Bill Hinzman as "Graveyard Zombie". The grand prize winner will also receive one of FearWerx's notorious "Zombie Outbreak Survival Kits".

Three runners-up will each receive a "Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit".

Four other winners will each receive a set of Zombie Kit Warning Signs and Zombie Kit Warning Poster.

Every winner will also receive some Zombies & Toys SWAG which may include pins, keychains, magnets, stickers, or some other goodies.

That's one hell of a haul, people. If you aren't entering this contest, then yo momma raised a darned fool! Head over to Zombies and Toys through this contest link before it's too late

FearWerx makes and distributes quality stuff. I personally own one of their zombie survival kits, and I also got my favorite zombie shirt through FearWerx. I've had the shirt for three years, worn it a lot, washed it a lot, and it still looks like I just bought it.