August 10, 2009


In my last ZOMB-ART post, I showcased the artwork of creature-lover and artist Jonathan Wojcik. As luck should have it, this week he posted a bit of cute and cuddly cartoon art that kids would love. That is, kids who are interested in deadly zombie-creating parasites.


Each of these adorable parasites invades the body of another organism and changes the organism's behaviour. I've already written about the Cordyceps fungus (that jubilant mushroom busting through the ant's head) and the aquatic Hair Worm (that little parasite worming out of the snorkeling cricket), but you can learn more about the rest of these cuddly creatures by visiting Jonathan Wojcik's deviantArt page by clicking the image.

I can think of no better way of explaining to children the cold cruel world of zombie parasites than with Jonathan Wojcik's "Infesteds"!