August 14, 2009

JUNIOUR ZOMBIE WEEK: Tofu the Vegan Zombie

One of the more cute and kid-friendly zombie characters in recent creation is Tofu the Vegan Zombie.

Created by William Vaughan and Lee Stringer at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School (commonly known as the DAVE School), Tofu is a friendly zombie that only eats vegetables. Instead of brains, he craves grains. However, if the large block of tofu in his head ever falls out, he'll revert into a flesh hungry zombie.

Tofu is the star of the 2007 short animated film "Zombie Dearest," which is both cute and dark. It showcases the voice work of Billy West (Futurama) and Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me).

Tofu has also been immortalized as a toy from Sideshow Collectibles and Applehead Factory

Unfortunately, since 2007 we haven't really seen much from Tofu, but I do hope his creators bring him back.