September 2, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Day #2-- Kim Paffenroth on Zombies and Modernity

After spending time with vampires, I needed to get another zombie fix so I headed over to Kim Paffenroth's booth to see if he could sign my copy of Gospel of the Living Dead, his analysis of Romero's zombie films. I also got a copy of his latest book in the Dying to Live series called Dying to Live: Life Sentence (review coming soon!). Intrigued by what he had said during the Modern Literary Monsters panel, Paffenroth answered a few of my questions about zombies and Christian visions of hell and the subversive role zombies play in examining themes of modernity.
  • [Audio currently unavailable] Download and listen to Kim Paffenroth's brief comments about zombies, hell, and modernity (3:02)
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