September 4, 2009


Aside from the Vampire Conspiracy, another interesting vampire film being promoted at the 2009 Festival of Fear is the upcoming feature called The Eternal, written and directed by Justin McConnell and co-written by Kevin Hutchinson of the Canadian production company Unstable Ground. In The Eternal, Adam Kenneth Wilson (also credited as co-writer) plays Samuel Gradius. Samuel Gradius is sick of living. He wants to die. However, unlike most people who suffer depression and suicidal malaise, Samuel Gradius is a 500 year old immortal warrior vampire. Unhappy with the prospect of committing suicide after all he's seen and done, Samuel Gradius seeks a warrior's death and the one person worthy enough to destroy him. Although director McConnell couldn't tell us too much about the other actors he's landed for the film, he was able to confirm that The Eternal will also star James Lorinz (Frankenhooker) in his first horror movie appearance in almost 19 years.

  • [Audio currently unavailable] Download and listen to Justin McConnell and Adam Kenneth Wilson discuss The Eternal, Wilson's work on Manson, and their other projects from Unstable Ground. (5:13)
    (L-R) director Justin McConnell and actor Adam Kenneth Wilson

    While the film is still in production, you can get a taste for the the finished project and devotion of the filmmakers to this project by watching Ending the Eternal, a short film prequel to the movie. You can also read the first free issue of the prequel comic series Final Dawn that tells the story of Samuel's life.