September 4, 2009


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Sweet ZOMBIE JESUS! The lord has risen and he's hungry for flesh!

ZOMBIE JESUS is a twisted and sacrilegiously funny independent comics series from 13 Flames Empire about Jesus Christ who has returned to the world as a flesh hungry zombie. Based on the short film CORPUS DELECTI (The Passion of the Zombie Christ) by Ira Hunter and Danielle Noel, Zombie Jesus the comic was created by Ira Hunter and Robert Thompson (also the creators of the underground comic Champions of Hell). Hunter and Thompson have put the character of Zombie Jesus in a series of independent comics where he's tangled with the Romans, been thrown the Lions, and survived the nuclear apocalypse in order to fight Robot Hitler in the distant future.

Ira Hunter and the folks at 13 Flames are also remaking their short film CORPUS DELECTI, on which Zombie Jesus is based, into a feature-length film. I guess they didn't feel they'd blasphemed enough and wanted to go bigger and badder. Here's the teaser trailer:

ZOMBIE JESUS the comic rocks out with a black metal sensibility and takes no prisoners. It puts the profanity in profane and the erection in resurrection.

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