September 1, 2009

FAN EXPO COVERAGE: Modern Literary Monsters panel with Max Brooks and Kim Paffenroth

(L-R: moderator Monica S. Kuebler, Kim Paffenroth, Kelly Armstrong, Max Brooks)
  • [Audio currently unavailable] Download and listen to the full audio recording of the Modern Literary Monsters Panel in which authors Max Brooks, Kim Paffenroth, and Kelly Armstrong discuss zombies and other fictional monsters. (52:28)
On Friday, August 29th at the Festival of Fear, authors Max Brooks (World War Z), Kim Paffenroth (Dying to Live), and Kelly Armstrong (Bitten) attended a panel moderated by Rue Morgue associate editor Monica S. Kuebler to discuss modern literary monsters and how they have changed historically and what they mean to our culture. Then, they take questions from the audience. Since two of the three authors write about zombies, the role of zombies and why zombies frighten us is discussed at length, but there are a number of general monster questions discussed.

An enlightening and humorous panel. If you missed it, download and listen! 

Max Brooks makes it very clear he has no compassion for zombies. 
Although he finds Bub touching, he'd still shoot him.

Kim Paffenroth drops an eschatological knowledge bomb