October 13, 2009

The Horrorshow -- Hamilton's Scariest Haunted House

You heard about the Horrorshow here on The Zed Word zombie blog way back in August when I interviewed Carlos Henriques at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. Carlos spoke about his plans to turn the second floor of the Corktown pub into a haunted attraction. Carlos is a Hamiltonian and has worked as a special effects supervisor, special effects assistant, makeup assistant, and puppet / character fabricator. He is part of The Butcher Shop, and his film credits include work on the upcoming horror comedy starring Jason Mewes called Silent But Deadly and past films such as Left for Dead, Awakening, and Bottom Feeder. Now he's bringing the horror of the screen to the Corktown pub for what is being titled Hamilton's Scariest Haunted House.

Opens Oct. 15th and closes Nov. 1st
Hours: 8pm -12am

Friday and Saturdays 8pm - 1am
(closed Oct 19th and 20th)

Admission: $8.00

The Horrorshow — Hamilton's Scariest Haunted House — opens its doors for the very first time on October 15th, 2009 at 8pm.

Come experience the thrills and chills! See live monsters, movie-quality effects, and take a photo with Vampira* at one of Hamilton's oldest pubs, The Corktown. It'll make your blood curdle!

Where: 2nd floor of The Corktown
175 Young St., Hamilton ON

Thanks to all the girls and ghouls who have helped out!
* Vampira statue courtesy of VAMP Productions

For more information contact:
Carlos at (905) 928-0103

I'll be there and hope to see you too!