October 29, 2009

Not Martha's "Meat Hand"

It takes a lot to turn my stomach. After watching years of zombie movies, I am usually unphased by depictions of gore and violence. I met my match today, however, when I clicked a mysterious link that promised to reveal to me a "meat hand" and I saw this:

Bllllarggggh! A hand made of meat. With fingernails!

Created and designed by Megan of NotMartha.com, this revolting dish is a meatloaf with cheese and onion. It's that toasted cheese simulating roasted flesh that, for some reason, makes me all kinds of queasy despite the apparent deliciousness of the ingredients. As much as I love to eat, if this were put before me I would probably refuse it. It really strikes at my gag reflex.

To find out how Martha made this amazing meat hand, and to try it for yourselves, read the full blog post with pictures and recipe HERE.