October 21, 2009

Odds n' Ends: Zombie News

A round up of zombie-related news hitting the web

Been a while since we did an "Odds n' Ends" news roundup, so I apologize for the delay, but here we go....

NO MERCY for the Real Mercy Hospital
  • Kotaku is reporting that Left 4 Dead fans are leaving negative reviews online for the real life Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. In the last level of the "No Mercy" campaign, players have to face off against an onslaught of zombies on top of a hospital named "Mercy."  In reality, Mercy Hospital exists in Pittsburgh, but there also exists a website called Citysearch in which people can rate and review the hospital. Instead, fans of Left 4 Dead have been posting reviews about their own negative experiences at the fictional Mercy Hospital.
Look Good During the Apocalypse
  •  Two items of fashion news to share for the ladies. First up, Entertainment Weekly's Style Hunter has tracked down the style of boots worn by Emma Stone in Zombieland. Emma Stone plays Wichita, a cunning and ruthless survivor who kicks her fair share of zombie ass in the recent zombie comedy. These boots are made for zombie stomping. Once you've got your boots to prove you are a zombie killer, you're going to want a top to match. Our second item of post-apocalyptic fashion is ThinkGeek's new Zombie Survival Medkit Babydoll. Inspired by the medkits characters in Left 4 Dead carry on their backs, this black, fitted babydoll t-shirt is printed in red and white. ThinkGeek's got your back.
 It's a Good Day for a Zombie Wedding

  • Because marriage is in my near future, I was very interested in this image of a Zombie Wedding Cake which depicts a chain-saw wielding wife and cricket-bat swinging husband atop a cake fending of a small horde of zombies crawling their way up the confectionery. My future wife would probably never go for a zombie cake such as this one designed for Flickr user noblerobinette by Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Seattle. A man can dream though. A man can dream. [via Neatorama]
Romero Honoured at Scream Awards
  • Not that the Spike Scream Awards carry any credibility whatsoever (just look at all the awards won by Transformers 2 -- and I say that as a big Transformers fan), at least some horror credit was given where credit was due. During the 2009 Scream Awards, George A. Romero was honoured as a "Scream Mastermind." The 'awards show' airs Oct 27th @10 p.m. on Spike [via Freep].
Zombies vs. Vampires