October 22, 2009

Wall Street Journal: Zombies and the Monroeville Mall

Today, The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article by Kris Maher called "Despite All the Corpses Milling Around, Things Are Quite Lively at This Mall".

The article is a look at the Monroeville Mall outside Pittsburgh and the zombies that flock there. The Monroeville Mall, of course, was the setting and shooting location for George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978). On Sunday October 18th, the Monroeville Mall was host to approximately 2,000 walkers for its annual zombie walk.

Here's an excerpt from the article:
Not everyone enjoyed the grisly scene. "I hate it. It's scary," said Stav Buzaglo, 23, working at an All That's Natural cosmetics stand, which sells skin-care products with ingredients from the Dead Sea.

Other vendors appreciated the extra traffic earlier in the day when zombies had time to shop. "Sometimes the mall is dead. It's good to have a lot more people coming in, even if they're zombies," said Neil Middleton, 22, of New Kensington, Pa., working at an AT&T booth.

It's odd that the cosmetics guy doesn't like the zombies. Dude, zombies should be your best customers! Who else needs skincare more than zombies?

[read the whole article via The Wall Street Journal]