January 7, 2010

Vintage buys Warm Bodies -- a zombie romance novel

According to Benedicte Page of The Book Seller.com we will see a new zombie love story in October, the film rights to which have already been sold to Twilight producers Summit Films.
Zombie love story to Vintage

06.01.10 Benedicte Page

Frances Macmillan, assistant editor at Vintage, has bought a "funny and charming" debut novel, Warm Bodies by Seattle-based writer Isaac Marion, for which film rights have already gone to Twilight producers Summit Films.

Macmillan bought UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Lauren Pearson at Regal Literary in London.

Warm Bodies is the story of R, a zombie who yearns for a better life, and who begins to transform after he falls in love with a young human woman.

Macmillan described the book as a "brilliant modern day Romeo and Juliet with zombies", predicting it would charm fans of Stephenie Meyer and 'Shaun of the Dead' alike. The book will be published as a Vintage Original in October.
Before you scoff, know that zombie romance novels can work depending on the tone. For an example, check out my review of Generation Dead by Daniel Waters (4.5 / 5).