February 3, 2010

Cast and Crew of Zombie Ferox Almost Arrested

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Here's an interesting story I found through Twitter that points to the struggles independent filmmakers have to overcome.

In January, the cast and crew of an indie zombie film called Zombie Ferox were cuffed and detained by the police who thought the weapons on set were real. Cast and crew were ordered to lie down on the ground before they were cuffed and put into the back of police cars.

Read full story and check out pictures of the hand-cuffed zombies at the film's official site:

My personal note to director Daniel Semel: hang in there, buddy! It will all be worth it some day.

Film Synopsis
Zombie Ferox is about a group of ex-soldiers trying to survive in a world taken over by the living dead. They spend their days fighting the dead while looking for food in abandoned cities and towns. As the soldiers try to stay alive they must confront something more dangerous than the zombies: other survivors.