February 23, 2010

Ugly Americans: March 17th on Comedy Central

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Although the website for US cable channel Comedy Central is BLOCKED in Canada, my interest is no less piqued for the new animated comedy Ugly Americans premiering on March 17th.

In Ugly Americans, we meet Mark Lilly, a social worker at the Department of Integration who helps new citizens adapt to life in New York City. A lot these new citizens, however, are creatures drawn from the far corners of myth and fantasy: zombies, vampires, mermaids, wizards demons, land whales, and werewolves in need of potty training.

Zombies look to figure prominently in the show as Mark lives with his zombie roommate, Randall Skeffington.

Ugly Americans is created by Devin Clark and developed by David Stern.

The cartoon premiers March 17th @ 10:30pm (9:30 Central) on Comedy Central. 

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