March 27, 2010

How to Speak Zombie (Review)

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How to Speak Zombie (2010)

Written by Steve Mockus
Illustrations by Travis Millard

Chronicle Books: 2010


4/ 5 zedheads

Often, zombies are stereotyped and stupid and brainless. Few people, however, realize the nuances and subtlety to the zombie language. In fact, I hear they have over 20 words for "brains."

Therefore, if you need an introduction to the language of zombies, check out How to Speak Zombie by Steve Mockus and Travis Millard. How to Speak Zombie is a fun little novelty book illustrated in full colour by Travis Millard. Hardcover and printed on board stock,  the book is light on text and heavy on design, but the book's endearing gimmick is that it comes with a built-in sound module to plays clips of spoken zombie phrases (go here for a sample). Each phrase corresponds with a section of the book that explains other phrases best suited for a number of zombie social settings, such as the mall, the beach, and the coffee shop.

There's not a lot to read, but Mockus's concise text is appropriately funny and lets Millard's artwork, which is very evocative 1970s underground comics, carry the bulk of the book's charm. How to Speak Zombie is a great coffee-table book for zombie fans.