March 16, 2010

Hungry Actors: The Zombies of EAT ME!

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Acting is a tough gig. You have to be hungry for the work and take whatever work you can. But what happens when a job calls for you to be a different kind of hungry? The kind of hungry we associate with blood-thirsty radioactive zombies?

In the zombie comedy EAT ME! (review), zombies descend on Brooklyn during a blackout and complicate the lives of a group of indie rockers trapped in a basement. Through director Katie Carman, I had the chance to ask some of the zombie actors in EAT ME! what it felt like to play a creature hungry for blood.

Jason D’Amico plays the LI Zombie and said, "I thought playing a flesh eating zombie was going to be a lot harder, but once I went through the whole makeup process and filled my mouth with blood (which was actually chocolate syrup), it just came naturally."

Jason D'Amico celebrates life before becoming a chocolate-mouthed fiend

That actually sounds quite delicious! Whenever I put chocolate syrup in my mouth people look at me strangely and lecture me about diabetes.

Adam Morris plays Metal Dave, one of the film's funniest supporting roles. He added, "All actors, at some point, have played the Animal Game wherein they mimic their favorite animal. Some act like dogs, some like cats, lion, tigers, and bears (oh my!). I treated acting like a zombie, or the Empathetically-Challenged as we call them, as if it were mimicking an animal, reverting myself back to a primitive state and being only focused on one thing.....devouring human flesh!"

Adam Morris: hungry before and after the apocalypse

"One of my friends that saw the movie told me he thought I might get typecast based on my zombie acting skills," added D'Amico

When Morris was asked how he felt having to simulate eating flesh and blood, he replied, "It felt just like it does when I actually eat human flesh."

Looks like Morris went a little too method on the set of Eat Me! Just keep that in mind if he ever invites you over for a bite! (*rimshot*)

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