March 12, 2010


HorrorBlips: vote it up!

This sounds fun. I was contacted by ZomBcon founder Ryan Reiter to put the word out about this upcoming three-day convention. If I lived there, I'd go. Therefore, you should go. Be cool.


This year, the world’s first Zombie Convention infects Seattle on Friday, October 29th - 31st for the three day convention. The event is being held at the Seattle Center and at the Experience Music Project Museum over Halloween weekend.

ZomBcon, the first of it’s kind; mashes the obsession of an extreme fan culture, together with the leading edge of entertainment industry hysteria for fans of all ages to celebrate one of the world’s most electrifying movie icons, the Zombie.

ZomBcon plays host to more than 60 specialty exhibitors, 10 interactive fan workshops, a 6-part Zombie Film series, 8 unique panels discussions, and the premiere Halloween party ticket this year; The Zombie Prom. This three day experience together with the opportunity for awesomely costumed participants to take part in a You tube viral cult short film, is the ultimate zombie fan experience in the world.

According to his email, ZomBcon is based on the success of the The Red, White, and Dead Zombie Walk last year.

I'm also digging the multiple pronunciations of the title. Will most people pronounce it as "ZOMB-CON" or the more inventive (and apparently intentional) "ZOM-BEE-CON". Either way, it's cute.