March 18, 2010

Zombies, Get Your Drink On!

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It's lunch time. Maybe you're out at a restaurant reading this on your Blackberry or iPhone. Put a little zombie into your lunch with one of these two zombie-themed drinks.

The Zombie Cocktail

Here's a tasty recipe for a Zombie.

* 1 part white rum
* 1 part golden rum
* 1 part dark rum
* 1 part apricot brandy
* 1 part pineapple juice
* 1 part papaya juice
* ½ part 151-proof rum
* Dash of grenadine or other syrup

Except for the 151 proof rum, mix ingredients and other liquids in a shaker with ice. Pour into your favorite glass and add the 151-proof rum. Be careful not to smoke and drink: that high-proof rum is flammable! Serve on the rocks and garnish with cherry.

Here's a video tutorial from Art of the Drink using different fruit juices, some lime, and forgoing the dark rum.

The Tarman

Inspired by the iconic Tarman zombie of Return of the Living Dead (I don't count his bastardized cousin in ROTLD 2), this drink recipe is found in the The Cane Spirit Guide (recipe). Using dark rum, the Tarman is an inky alternative to the fruity taste of the traditional zombie. Check out the recipe and try it for yourself

I hope you enjoy. Just remember: please eat brains responsibly. Don't reanimate and drive.