April 8, 2010

College Class Performs Medieval Play with Zombies

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Students from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA will be performing a Medieval play featuring a uniquely modern twist: a zombie apocalypse!

According to an article on The Gettysburgian blog, the play is called "Judgement is Good." It's an adaptation and translation of Wakefield's "Last Judgement," a Medieval liturgical drama about the last days of the world in which God visits His final judgement on the living and the dead. This time, however, Professor Christopher Fee’s ENG 312: Medieval Drama class will set the story during a zombie apocalypse because the inclusion of zombies "enhances the element of translation that deals with the comedy of evil."
Comedy of evil proves an incredibly rich and vital hallmark of Medieval liturgical drama. Often employing anachronistic and vernacular references, comedy of evil helped make the Biblical narratives more relatable to the lives of Medieval audiences. At the same time, it reinforced an important contrast between the divinity of Christ and the worldliness of mortals corrupted by Satan’s influence.

As is often the case with the zombie apocalypse and other genres of modern horror films, gratuitous exhibition of villainous evils was a common and popular device exploited in Medieval texts like the Wakefield “Last Judgment.”