April 1, 2010

Robert Pattinson tapped for Creature from the Black Lagoon [APRIL FOOLS]


Twilight hunk Robert Pattison has been tapped to play the titular creature in Universal's upcoming remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon according to exclusive sources within the studio.

Director Carl Erik Rinsch has said that the remake will be "very faithful to the original, but updated", and that the Gill-man will still be "sympathetic." When asked who would play the Gill-man, Rinsch told our anonymous source, "The most beloved and sympathetic actor in horror films today is undeniably Robert Pattinson. He's agreed to play the creature and step into the legacy of the Gill-man suit. Pattinson will bring his undeniable charisma and physicality to the role, so I think fans young and old will fall in love with our version of the film. The original was always a love story at its heart, so we're just highlighting the fact for a modern audience. Think Twilight meets The Little Mermaid."

The Universal Pictures project will direct in 2010 but is still casting for a female lead. Based on the success of the Grammy-award winning Creature from the Black Lagoon musical, producers are reportedly revising the script to include more musical numbers and are therefore casting for young actresses with musical talent. Reports indicate that Miley Cyrus (The Last Song) is in talks to star opposite Pattison.

"We also want to shoot the film in 3D," claims a Universal executive who asked to remain anonymous. "Avatar did boffo at the boxoffice, and after the critical flop of our Wolfman remake, we think 3D will really put us on the map for next year's Oscar season. If you ever wanted see a singing Robert Pattison in a 3D fish suit, Creature for the Black Lagoon 2010 is for you."

When reached for comment, Twilight star Robert Pattison had this to say: "What the fuck, man?"

More details as they become available!