May 15, 2010

Avatar 2: Pandora of the Undead (aka. Na'vi Zombies)

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So, I've seen Avatar. I went to the theater to see it with my father and my brother during my Christmas holiday. The movie gets a lot of flack, but it's fun, disposable entertainment. I give it more of a pass than other big event films (such as dreck like Transformers 2) because unlike most big event movies Avatar is not a big, dumb, mean-spirited and nihilistic experience. I like that it actually shows the triumph of the human spirit. With that said, I'm going to suggest that if James Cameron wants to make even MORE money in the sequel to Avatar then he should go the mean-spirited, nihilistic route by including ZOMBIES!

Everything is better with zombies.

Just think of the potential. What would happen if the humans behind the Na'vi avatars became infected with a neural zombie virus from space? Would it also contaminate their Na'vi avatars with whom they share a genetic and mental link? Furthermore, would the virus then mutate to Na'vi life forms and spread through bites as well as the cerebral links they have with the entire friggin' moon to create an entire world of zombies? 7 foot tall blue flesh eating corpses! Now that's a concept just waiting for the 3D treatment.

So who's with me? Let's petition James Cameron to make Avatar 2: Pandora of the Undead a reality. I already have some potential designs for the Na'vi zombies ready to go. If you want that Best Picture Oscar next year Cameron, give me a call!