May 6, 2010

[REC] and Ruin: Two New Sequels Announced

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Oh no, here we go. The Spanish [REC] film franchise has been possessed with sequel fever!

Variety is reporting that Filmax has approved development of two new sequels to [REC] 2 (review). According to the article, each of the subsequent sequels will be directed by one of the original film-making team: Paco Plaza for [REC] Genesis Jaume Balaguero for [REC] Apocalypse.

First off, why are they going with two of the shittiest no-brainer sequel tags in the zombie genre? [REC] is starting to sound more like the Resident Evil franchise, not to mention every other low-rent zombie flick, with titles like those. [REC] Genesis is slated for February 2011 while [REC] Apocalypse will hit later in 2012.

On the one hand, I honestly don't know how much steam this franchise has left. Can it really sustain two more sequels? I loved [REC], which in an act of complete negligence I've actually failed to review here on The Zed Word, but I was not a fan of its sequel, [REC] 2. I called it a "tired, noisy, charmless let-down" of a film.

On the other hand, I'd rather have numerous [REC] sequels than one Quarantine sequel. Quarantine is the tepid copy-cat North American remake of [REC]. If someone is going to go crazy with sequels, I'd rather it be the original creative team and not North American hacks.