June 17, 2010

20 Best Zombie Sites on the Web (and more!)

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Recently, The Zed Word zombie blog was picked by EgoTV as one of the 20 Best Zombie Sites on the Web.

While I am very thankful for being listed, I post this not to toot my own horn but to encourage you to check out the other excellent zombie sites on that list that I don't deserve to even be mentioned alongside -- except for Mail Order Zombie. Those guys are losers. ;)

However, several very important zombie sites were not on EgoTV's list.

BUY ZOMBIE -- an excellent source for reviews, articles, and news from every aspect of the zombie genre. 

ZOMBIES AND TOYS -- my source for zombie toy news. Also, a great source for contests. 

SHOOT FOR THE HEAD -- a great variety of zombie news and latest happenings in the world of the undead.