June 14, 2010

Cannibal Spam: Weird but True Email

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We've all seen SPAM from alleged African princes and princesses or mysterious relatives from another country offering to send you money. Never before have I received SPAM offering to send me PEOPLE TO BE CANNIBALIZED. What follows is the actual email I just received.

my name is mr james i am a black american based in nigeria i have been a cannibal gent for the past 4 years i transport blacks from africa
to every coutry with assurance i have so many people who are tired of life so all i have to do is just for me to advise them to be canniblised
and they alway agree all so all you have to do is just for you to send there money for visa which is very little and all you jut have to do is
just wait and recieve them with honor
thanks regards

My favorite line is "i have been a cannibal gent," for it sounds both so common place and sophisticated. If I can understand the broken English of this email, the writer knows people who no longer want to live, so he arranges for them to be cannibalised. The buyer sends financial information and sits back for their shipment of long pig to arrive in the mail. Do people have the wrong idea about me because I run a website about zombies and frequently post about flesh eating?

Am I getting this right, or has the broken English been translated into something far more gruesome than it was intended? Is this a joke or just a very peculiar scam hook?

What do you think?