June 17, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (only on Xbox 360)

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Now this looks really promising. Before the release of the anticipated Dead Rising 2, Capcom is making available a prologue game available only on the Xbox 360. "Case Zero" is set two years before the events of the full game. We are introduced to Chuck Greene, our new protagonist, and his back story that set the stage for the zombie carnage to come in Los Vegas.

If the trailer above is to be believed then any progress you make in leveling up Chuck Greene's stats in "Case Zero" will carry over to your gameplay in Dead Rising 2. So, get a leg up on those limb-chomping corpses!

I tell you, Capcom knows how to do zombies. Hopefully Dead Rising 2 will also offer better sandbox style gaming and a more forgiving save system / mission story line.