July 23, 2010

Australia to Bruce LaBruce: "No way, mate."

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Canadian director Bruce LaBruce recently had his new gay zombie film banned from the Melbourne Film Festival.

The concept of L. A. Zombie, which is about a homeless schizophrenic who believes he's an alien zombie that can use homosexual sex to resurrect the dead, proved too much for the Australian Film Classification Board. After viewing a cut of the film that Bruce LaBruce claims was toned down for the festival circuit, the Australian Film Classification Board still wrote to Richard Moore (Melbourne festival director) to say that L. A. Zombie cannot be screened because it would be refused classification.

In Australia, film classification is mandatory, but films that are refused classification are banned from any form of exhibition or sale. Infractions carry heavy fines and even jail time.

"Although apparently the Australian Classification Board has no problem passing all manner of mainstream torture porn movies which feature, amongst other things, the rape and dismemberment of women, it's interesting that they have no stomach for a movie that reaffirms life," LaBruce said in a statement.

This is not Bruce LaBruce's first foray into the gay zombie genre. His previous film was Otto: or Up With Dead People (2008)